Green 8 Electro-Pollution Protection Update

by Joshua Parker on February 26, 2009

I just realized that I hadn’t done a post since the new Green 8 website was “finished”.

See last week I had the great idea to have a quick 20% off coupon on the site to honor George Washington’s birthday but then our server was attacked (basic ‘denial of service’ which my admin had to deflect during the last half of last week!).

So the coupon was active but the site was down half the week – what a mess.

For some other reasons my websites on Royal Rife were very busy so there were a lot of people getting shut out of the sites. Frustrating to say the least.

Long story short – I’ve reactivated the 20% coupon code: green8prize

Check this out now so you’ll know what this is about: Click Here

The coupon discount will only be valid until Feb 28th Midnite PST.

On the site you’ll learn about a technology that was developed in Germany representing one of the most complete methods for ‘cleaning’ the electro-magnetic pollution from your home. It includes a device for ‘cleaning’ wireless radiation from wireless routers called the Transformer 22. Another specializes it’s ‘cleaning’ energy towards homes that are in close proximity to a cell/mobile phone antenna – it’s called the Transformer 28.

There’s also solutions that work for electronic appliances of all types (I recommend first ‘cleaning’ appliances with any wireless feature, seems to be just about everything!), the small, medium, and large Green 8‘s can be installed depending on the size of the appliance. This is just a taste of the information covered on the website.

This idea of ‘cleaning’ the electro-magnetic fields and radiation is a new concept as far as the theoretic explanation of why these work. You see for years I’ve been sharing this technology and anyone at all electrosensitive can always feel the different. It’s often assumed that the Green 8 simply “blocks” the emf and radiation but that’s not what it does. It not the amount of emf/radiation that is changing it’s the quality of the emf and radiation that is changing.

Since the science is new – and we want to make sure you are very happy with your Green 8 / Transformer devices we back them with a newly extended 365 day satisfaction guarantee. Everything on the site* is 20% off when you use this coupon green8prize until midnite PST on Feb 28th.

Thanks for reading,

* sorry no wholesale discounts but we have opened up a new wholesale section on this website

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