Heart Rate Variability – This ends today and it’s worth checking out

by Joshua Parker on April 30, 2009

Since April is “Stress Relief Month” there’s a special that ends today on a stress relief system which is super easy to use and really affordable. There’s actually a couple parts to the system and part of it will even fit right in your pocket and run on batteries.

Click Here To Check It Out

These folks are on the forefront on what’s called ‘Heart Rate Variability’ and have come up with a very economical system for measuring this HRV over time and recording it right into the software.

It’s really useful in conjunction with using other devices too because you can see how your heart rate changes over time – a great tool to see very subtle changes in real time.

The other part is a cool little stress relief device which I’ve been playing around with. It’s nice and small like I was saying so you can take it with you and it’s super easy to use (really – I only say that cause I know you’ll agree).

Sorry that I didn’t make a video in time for this and didn’t tell you sooner…

What can I say – better late than never 😉

This is really cool stuff you won’t want to miss.

Go check it out right here:

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