Global Wellness, Energy Wellness, Biosolutions – Update on the News

by Joshua Parker on February 20, 2009

Big news in the Rife Community this week that Jim Folsom was jailed after a conviction for selling Global Wellness, Energy Wellness, Biosolutions, and Astropulse machines.

He was convicted in US District court on Tuesday and faces up to 140 years in prison for 26 felony counts. I’ve heard the US Federal Corporation spent about a million $USD (hey they print ’em anyway, huh?) to prosecute this case – nice priorities eh? How bout another bailout for the FDA?

Sorry – sometimes my optimism spills out some cynicism.

Anyway, the mainstream news on this will be centered on the assumption that if a machine is not FDA classified that it should fall under their jurisdiction in all cases. Fact is most electronic instruments don’t fall under FDA classification. Consider all the electronic frequency generators made by Hewlett Packard, Agilent, Tectronix, etc.

Then there’s the assumption that just because a jury convicted him that what he was selling was a rip off and there were a lot of complaints but this doesn’t appear to be the case.

This was assumed by 99% of the people that have made comments on the newspaper postings of this story where website visitors comment about placebo affects and snake oil. I guess like attracts like and if the mainstream writers like Keith Darce bias towards the FDA and the court ruling the visitors just take it as gospel.

You folks have more of a brain than that – I’m quite sure of this.

If Jim was using marketing materials that were misleading then he may have been asking for trouble and that is a shame. He will be a political prisoner and we’ll see for how long when they sentence him on May 11th.

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sally grant March 29, 2009 at 9:43 am

Did you take the information about his products off of your site as a security measure? I’d like to find out more about it.
Why was this targeted when other machines out there are still being sold & of course made at home with some copper wire an adapter and a dial? What really is so alarming about his? was he just a token choise?

I live near Grossmont hospital where Rife was murdered. Now that every hospital has Chemo machines and xrays are popular for everything it seems that the AMA could not be still threatened. After all the cancer industry is larger than the # people who have cancer.

Also very few people even know about this trial that it even happened! Why was it kept so private? Who is really responsible for this today?

I bought your rife report a few years back. Lost on an old computer.

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