The Patch Adams Film with Robin Williams was a huge success in 1998 and documented the work of the health care revolutionary Dr Hunter “Patch” Adams who actually ran a free hospital about 40 years ago and his since been sharing insight on the type of radical shift needed in today’s medical practice.

I recently had the honor to see and capture on video a talk by the *real* Patch Adams here in Oregon where I live. Here it is – let me know what you think about this with a quick comment here or on youtube:


Why Your Body Is Craving More Energy

by Joshua Parker on August 9, 2011

Here’s a quick video about why your body is craving more energy.

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Robert Whitaker Video – Are Treatments for Depression & Other Mental Illness The Root Cause of the Bipolar Epidemic? Anatomy of an Epidemic book review

July 20, 2011

Robert Whitaker is one of the most articulate scientific authors which I’ve had the pleasure to read recently. His recent book Anatomy of An Epidemic definitively supports the notion that pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for anti-depression and other conditions have fueled the epidemic of bipolar disorder we face today. Only decades ago, in the pre-pharmaceutical era […]

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Awesome Cancer Solution Film

June 20, 2011

Just noticed that they extended this until the end of the day – midnite specifically tonite. This film is very much worth your time to watch. It puts the whole cancer industry into perspective as to how far they will go to prevent legitimate alternative therapies from your access. This doctor reminds me of Dr […]

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Water For Fuel Browns Gas Info At Teslatech Conference

September 3, 2009

Here’s a video interview we did with Chris Eckman who did a presentation about Browns Gas at the Teslatech Extraordinary Technology Conference in New Mexico this past month. Chris is a young guy but don’t be fooled he brings a solid scientific background to this subject. Browns gas is a fuel gas made from water […]

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