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"A Guy Named Royal Raymond Rife Figured Out How To Eliminate Cancer With Electronic Frequencies Back In The 1930's."
What Has Happened For over 60 Years?

Find Out At The Upcoming
Rife Conference in Seattle WA.

Cover This Groundbreaking Event With An Exclusive Interview on Your Station - After 70 years finally this technology is coming out for the benefit of the public.

"How This Early 1900ís Mogul Manipulated Medicine"

The Morris Fishbein
Pharmaceutical Conspiracy

Beginning the week of Oct 2nd through Oct 6th Joshua Parker will be conducting radio interviews of many of the featured keynote speakers for the conference.

Royal Raymond Rife’s method of eliminating Cancer with electronic frequencies was suppressed by the pharmaceutical financial interests of Morris Fishbein.

Rife’s vital research and what led up to 72 years of hidden history will be explored at the upcoming Annual Rife Conference in Seattle WA.

It’s shocking we still hear doctors recommending chemotherapy and radiation treatment after Royal Rife’s compelling work was summarized by Popular Science magazine in 1932 calling his microscope the “MOST POWERFUL MICROSCOPE”.

These discoveries from the early 1900’s and the current research which continues on a grassroots level (with very little funding and zero medical support) have the potential to protect the health and vitality of your listeners.

Morris Fishbein was the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association and by 1934 the only stockholder for the association. It was during this year that an attorney hired by Fishbein attempted to buyout Rife’s entire work. Rife denied this offer prompting this powerful man to ruin Rife and protect his pharmaceutical interests.

The story of Royal Rife is shared in detail at Joshua Parker’s EnergeticSecrets.com website where critical legal documents are exposed the prove the reality of what Rife did. You can download part one of his popular Royal Rife eCourse by clicking here.

The world’s top experts in the field of Energy Medicine are gathering at the Annual Rife Conference in Seattle WA on October 20-22. The information about this conference will give your listeners a new perspective on alternative health and a renewed vigor for life. Book an interview today.

Sample Interview Questions:

  1. What was so unique about Royal Rife’s microscope?
  1. Are there microscopes anything like this today such as the electron microscope?
  1. Did Rife discover something with this microscope which contradicts the medical status quo?
  1. How did Royal Rife use frequencies and was this related to the microscope?
  1. Just how did Rife’s method of using frequencies to eliminate cancer work?
  1. How did Morris Fishbein manage to prevent Rife’s technology from being seen by the public at large?
  1. What is a “Rife Machine” and is this just a historical relic or are there current machines that live up to Rife’s name and accomplishments?
  1. Was Rife’s work limited to just cancer or did he research using electronic frequencies to eliminate other disease in his research lab?
  1. Where has this research led to today? What is the current status of this research and who will be presenting at the Rife Conference?

Arrange an interview with Joshua Parker and Keynote Energy Medicine Speakers for the upcoming Rife Conference.

Feature on your program Joshua with Bryan Rosner, author of Lyme Disease and Rife Machines: a critical evaluation of leading alternative therapies and John W. Garvy, Lic Ac who has been a top researcher in electro-therapy research instrument development. Other speakers may also be available as time allows.

Call today and reserve your interview to notify your listeners about this important event.

Joshua Parker has been researching the field of Energy Medicine for 10 years and is the founder of Future Tech Today Inc.

Over the years he has explored the effects of frequency generators, pulsed magnetic field therapy, ozone therapy, better hydration with structured water technology.

Joshua also runs an online newsletter to keep people informed about these cutting edge technologies.

Contact Info:
Chris Heeding

Call his booking agent Chris Heeding to book a show with him for your local radio market. Chris can be reached at 541-434-0318 at the office of Future Tech Today Inc.

Some of this information has literally been missing between the pages of the history books for 72 years. The coverage at the upcoming conference is truly not to be missed.

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